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Traditional owners of Angkerle have always welcomed respectful visitors to their ‘Womens’ Dreaming’ site, and the Angkerle Cultural Experience tour was created to provide an enriching and engaging experience for visitors to this ancient and fascinating world. It is an opportunity to appreciate the deep understanding the Western Arrernte people have of the local plant and animal life, and their spiritual connection to this hallowed land. The tours give traditional owners an opportunity to share and teach their culture to tourists, thus raising cultural awareness, which has lasting benefits for society in general.

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Self-Guided Entry

A new Grade1 walking track to Standley Chasm, 1.2km/15min each way, allows the public to better enjoy the natural landscape here, leading to the dramatic geological feature is the famous Standley Chasm, a special place for Aboriginal womenfolk in Arrernte culture, but now welcome to all visitors. Optimum viewing at noon with sun overhead and the play of sun light on the spectacular red quartzite walls is quite a photographers dream, inspiring all day long.

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