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 A new Grade1 walking track to Standley Chasm, 1.2km/15min each way, allows the public to better enjoy the natural landscape here, leading to the dramatic geological feature is the famous Standley Chasm, a special place for Aboriginal womenfolk in Arrernte culture, but now welcome to all visitors. 
 Optimum viewing at noon with sun overhead and the play of sun light on the spectacular red quartzite walls is quite a photographers dream, inspiring all day long.

Standley Chasm Entry and Self-Guided Walks

Price $7.00 — $30.00

Come camp overnight. Discover Standley Chasm located just 50km by sealed road from Alice Springs. Standley Chasm has been gauged into tough sandstone by the floods that, over untold millions of years, have surged down a narrow tributary of the Finke River system.

Camping at Standley Chasm with Entry Included

Price $18.50 — $60.00

a HALF-DAY Local Indigenous Tour Guide, art workshop & Interpretative commentary, fully catered

Professional local community guides explaining some of the geology, flora, fauna, bush medicine, bush tucker and cultural history /heritage on guided walk to the Chasm.with informal Cultural Conversations, 

Find out what’s so special about this place: 
- The geology of these most ancient Mountains
- An abundance of rare Cycads, & fauna
- Identify Bush tucker & medicine plants 
- Hear some Cultural history, (site specific)
- Learn of our Central Australian heritage
- Full Lunch & Morning Scones included

 From 9am (sharp) to 1+pm Bookings Advisable

Angkerle Cultural Experience

Price $60.00 — $85.00